June 18, 2010
Christine, Emily, Alea, Ralph

Lifeguard Ralph tries his whistle at the MLK pool, but fellow guards, Christine, Emily and Alea aren’t having it

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June 17, 2010
Aleysha, Jessica

Heads do turn when Aleysha and Jessica take a stroll down Duval and brighten everyone’s day

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June 16, 2010
Astin, Camille, Carla, Ashley

It’s all smiles, because what’s not to like when Astin, Camille, Carla and Ashley go shopping on Duval

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June 15, 2010
John, Lisa

John and Lisa give us the best American Gothic Goes to the KW Harborwalk pose they can muster

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Sloppy Joes's Bar - Key West
June 14, 2010
Tony, Becki

There will be no jokes here about Tony and Becki taking the plunge at Ft Zack—just congratulations!

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June 13, 2010
Stoli Boys

The Stoli Boys pose for a quick group shot before the ever-important Duval swimsuit competition

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June 12, 2010
Sondra, Russel, Kayla

Sondra and Russel put their best faces forward, while young Kayla just lets the folks humor themselves

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June 11, 2010
Robin, Josh, Tim

Those three amigos of the high seas, Robin, Josh and Tim vow one for all and all for one

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June 10, 2010
Marnie, CJ, Corey, Lindsay

Marnie, CJ, Corey and Lindsay show off their love and togetherness—that is, until the Bud runs out

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June 9, 2010
Den, Oliver, Tom

Under their fab sunbrella, The Bike Man men, Den, Oliver and Tom twist wrenches and break hearts

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June 8, 2010
Gregg, Lauren, Lindsay, Laurie, Kit, Robin

Lindsay wonders when Gregg, Lauren, Laurie, Kit and Robin will relent and get her some shades, too

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June 7, 2010
Dianne, Girls of Toronto

Dianne and the lovely Girls of Toronto gather at Ft. Zack for their customary preflight pose-off

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June 6, 2010
Annie, Jesse, Kaley

It appears Annie, Jesse and Kaley got the memo: Sunday is matching smiles and beads day

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