Picture of the day,  December 29, 2013

Show of Hands

Solaya joins other psychics and readers at the Intuitive Arts & Psychic Fair—drawing the curious to the Good Food Conspiracy in Big Pine Key

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8 comments on “Show of Hands”

  1. This is sad Soloya was there as she is well known to be a total fraud and only making money off of good people.

  2. I have never had a such an off the mark reading experience in my life!This old white haired woman claims to be a psychic (card reader,palmist,clairvoiant,you name it.)I think that she is no more than a frustrated actress,with no ability.CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!!!!

  3. This photo is such an inspiration! Thank you Mile Zero for taking and publishing it! We are truly blessed to live in such a very special place as Key West and the Keys where diversity of the individual is celebrated and embraced, where acceptance without conditions of the true & whole person is the norm! Please don’t get me wrong, as I truly love Sushi and all “she” does for Key West, especially in “her” slipper on New Year’s Eve. But, Soliar is a real gift, too! “She” brings such entertainment to Key West with “her” comedy & cards! When I think of Soliar, I think of Shakespeare's court jester, Falstaff, and, his many talents to make the sad happy, the crying laugh! Until I moved to Key West, twenty years ago from Montreal, Canada, never had I know of drag queens and what enchantment they could bring to a community and share with a very unique people! Soliar’s radio show, is just enchanting, as well. What would we do without “her?” Such a treasure here in Key West! MERCI, “Miss Soliar!” A very happy new year, too!

  4. This woman is totally fraudulent! She read my cards and told me that I missing sleeping with my dog as my dog recently died. I never had a dog in my life, not even as a child. I told her this and she said that then I will soon be getting a dog. I am highly allergic to dogs and could not have one even if I wanted one. She said that my allergies would fade away as she saw a puppy in my life. She kept insisting I will soon have a dog and I will sleep with the dog. I am disabled and am in a wheelchair. How would I care for a dog? She then charged me, $50 for three minutes of ridiculous banter like with the dogs. It is so obvious she is trying to take advantage of anyone she can down at the square where she reads her cards. All I can say is stay away! This woman is obviously trying to take advantage of people and ruin the reputation of legitimate card readers as she has no gifts whatsoever. And, her fake French accent and the way she rolls her eyes back when she is in a trance is all fake too.

  5. All I will say is that the lady is a SNAKE!
    And, that says it all!

    Hate to insult snakes that way!


  6. She IS a shark! I can tell you stories! She is in America illegally,
    pays NO taxes on the CASH she swindles. She is a citizen of
    Canada and speaks of how she HATES America but it is good
    enough for her to make money off of and not pay a penny in
    taxes being here illegally too! If America is so bad, go back to
    Montreal and make your living there! Someone should report
    this FRAUD to the INS and the IRS! Illegal alien paying not a
    penny in taxes and hating on America and taking money with
    her FAKE readings and scams! She is a scam artist extraordinaire!

    BEWARE is right!

  7. Indeed, this so called woman IS a total scam! She asked me for $50 to do a reading for me and I told her I did not have the money. She said she would take a TV or a stereo or anything I have. That is SO sick! And, she acts like she is helping people? She is ONLY trying to help her bank account! Stay away is right!

  8. Sadly, it is SO refreshing to see that SO many on this page she this Solada as a complete fake. Plus, I had NO idea she was a drag queen. But, now thinking about that, I see it is true. I have NOTHING against drag queens, I do enjoy them, but, this one Solada is a TOTAL and COMPLETE fake and VERY rude and driven for money. When I once told her I had no money for a reading she said she would take a car title of an older car, new TV's, a computer or printer, anything I might like to trade for her reading. I have known for years and years she or he is a TOTAL FAKE! But, when I told others they said to leave her alone as she is trying to make a living. But, it is not fair as she is ONLY ripping off others. I am sorry but this Solada needs to let the true professionals who know how to read cards and have the gift from the heart do it. She has ONLY money on her mind. She even charges $5 extra if she records as that ear piece in her ear in the photo here is the means to making more money. Just stay away. She is a TOTAL fraud!

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