Where else to celebrate the baker’s favorite 70% cacao chocolate? At Better Than Sex of course, where Casey and Chad indulge in some Mayan “Bitter Water”

Big wind means big air for the kiteboarders and other surf fans as the Atlantic gets itself worked up

We may not be Waikiki or boast the Higgs Beach Pipeline, but don’t let anyone tell you there aren’t diehard (body) surfers in Key West braving the breakers

Yes, it’s been beautiful, but has anyone ever seen clouds like these?

Roostica Key West

Don’t miss the opportunity to marvel at Daniel’s intricate creations and hear the stories they tell—look for his signature van on Duval St while he draws nearby

The island’s Hot Dogs and their friends gather for this year’s march (watch for a flash mob of chihuahuas) at the Custom House, promptly at 11:45 am SUNDAY — but don’t miss the fun before the parade

For painter Rick, his exhibition space/studio doesn’t get any more open —drop by (corner of Alberta & Waddell between the Casa & Louie's) and have a chat with the artist

You’ll meet all kinds and make new friends at today’s Farmers Market at Truman Waterfront, 2-7pm

This big boy iguana comes out to soak up the ‘rays after suffering through the recent cold spell which slowed him way dooooown

Sloppy Joes's Bar - Key West

Usually, it’s the locals who think anything below 70 is freezing…

Join the MLK Day pre-parade fun at the Wille Ward Park (Catherine & Thomas Sts.) with food, drinks & DJ from noon until 4pm, then join the MLK March at 5pm

The weather may be a little chilly, but the Key West Seafood Festival in Bayview Park with entertainment, products and food available to warm you up

Tory Mata and P. A. Blundell’s expressions in mixed media utilize materials of all sorts to deliver simple, yet complex executions—see for yourself at Jag Gallery 5-7pm

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